HBSA Jukebox

Whenever we don’t have a live presenter on air we have a specially prepared and scheduled Recorded Playout Service to keep you supplied with entertainment, day and night.

The service contains 168 hours of “shows” (That’s exactly a week) with each show having a theme or playing a specific type of music. Although many of the shows appear to be the same on each day the music content is always unique – so you will have to listen for a very long time before you hear the same song twice. The schedule below will help you to figure out what you can hear and when.

If you look at the table below it will show you what you can hear and when – but of course this schedule is replaced by LIVE broadcasting whenever it’s available and that is as often as we can possibly manage, check out the Live Schedule page for details of our current LIVE output.

NB. Every second week we rotate the morning tracks for the evening tracks – this is just to try and make sure that it is very rare that you would have to listen to same show twice.