Hospedia in Crosshouse Hospital

What is Hospedia?

Hospedia is a hospital bedside entertainment and communication system that provides a range of television, radio channels and internet browsing plus allows you to keep in contact with close friends and relatives by telephone, all without leaving your bed!

Is it similar to Patientline?

Hospedia took over from Patientline using their equipment. Hospiedia has been acquired by WiFi Spark but they still operate under the Hospedia name.

Does it cost?

The television, internet and telephone services are chargable, however the radio is free! (You still need to register with the system.)

How do you pay?

Hospedia  uses unique ‘cards’, these can be bought from machines located throughout Crosshouse Hospital. These machines accept coins & notes however you can also pay with a debit/credit card from your bedside unit by calling an operator.

Do I need to use the system?

You don’t have to use the Hospedia system as other facilities such as pay phones and televisions are still provided in the wards.

Can I purchase a card for someone?

If you know someone in Crosshouse Hospital, you can purchase a Hospedia card for them.

The information contained is provided in good-will by Hospital Radio, however all information should be checked with the relevant organisations.