Long Service Legacy Section

For lots of reasons members have to leave our service. This could be because of work, job or family commitments or changes. We are always sad when someone leaves especially when they already have one of our five or ten year awards. This section is to make sure that we have said thanks properly to these volunteers and remind them that they will be welcomed back at any time.

Scott O’Hare. Joined HBSA November 2011 and left in 2020 having presented two shows per week during his time on the station. Scott was a regular at roadshows and fund raising events as well as being an on-air presenter. Scott’s fun broadcasting style made him a firm favourite at HBSA where he will always be welcomed as a guest.

The Beard Joined HBSA February 2013. We would give his full name (he’s not in the FBI or anything) but really his on-air name suits him just fine so we’ll stick with it. The Beard’s Sunday morning show “Breakfast With The Beard” was unlike any other that we know on radio as he would play a complete album, or albums. These were un interrupted save for an introduction before and a recap afterwards. This allowed the listener to enjoy the collection of songs just as the artist intended. The Beard remains an occasional contributor on HBSA.

Kirsty Kane. Joined HBSA November 2013 and was a regular on air until 2021. KK has a laid back and relaxed style which was very popular with all her listeners.

Lucy Telford. Joined HBSA July 2014 and was a regular until 2023. Lucy’s shows had a great slick proffessional sound to them and from that you could tell she is really comfortable behind the mic, but then she is comfortable on stage singing or dancing or performing too. Lucy covered every musical style making sure our “something for everyone” tag held true.