HBSA is administrated and run by a committee of 7 unpaid volunteers, all of these volunteers are also broadcasters on the station. The committee is democratically elected each year from the membership in accordance with HBSA’s constitution which is lodged with the OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Register)

The Current Committee is as follows;-


Chairman – John Surgenor

Trustees/Office Bearer’s

Mark Fisher

Simon Jenkinson

Johnny Robertson

George Smith

Sandy Brown

David Durham

Maggie Brown

Margo Houston

In accordance with our constitution the committee meets regularly to make decisions on how the charity is run and steer the station in the right direction. A quorum of 4 members is require to transact business. If you have anything you would like to put to our committee for any reason then please get in touch through the contact pages although please remember we are not bound to discuss or take action on any points raised.