Getting a request on HBSA couldn’t be easier, so here’s how.

If you are a patient then dial *800 from your terminal for free as often as you would like and if we are a wee bit busy in the studio then just leave us a message on the answering machine. Also if you are a patient keep an eye open for our ward visitors around the hospital collecting your requests and your views on HBSA radio.

If you are at home and want to send a request to HBSA then you can call 01563-827017 any time and leave a message, or you can email us on [email protected] Also, please note that we have a new text number which is 07818-17 53 54 and this goes straight to the studios.

We will give mention to everyone who contacts us and will play a dedicated song even if we don’t have the exact one available.

And anyone can contact us through social media at or message through Twitter @hbsaradio