Sponsor A Show.

Sponsoring a show on HBSA Hospital Radio is a great cost effective way to promote your company or organisation while supporting a great local charity at the same time. We are careful to make sure none of our sponsors are in direct competition as this helps us to promote sponsors in a friendly way right across the schedule.


If you are interested then this is our current offer.

Sposorship starts from as low as £20 per calendar month preferably payable by BACS or SO. You are invoiced quarterly in arrears. There is no minimum period and no up front costs.


And what you get is this 

  1. A scheduled 2/3 hour show is presented as “brought to you in association with (your company)”.
  2. There are jingles that say this throughout the show highlighting your services/location etc
  3. Your ad/jingles also go out on our overnbight service.
  4. You also get a page right here on our popular website highlighting your company and with links to your own website.
  5. You get plenty of regular mentions and thanks on our social media pages
  6. We send you a wee laminate “thanking you” to display for staff/customers

And of course you can let people know that you are helping to support a long established Ayrshire charity.

In addition to this you can have contact with your show presenter and be able to inform them of events and offers etc.

Take a look at the sponsors pages here on the site

Click HERE to hear one of our sponsor jingles in current use.

And click HERE to take a look at our Facebook page.

And if you would like to know more or if you would like to sponsor a show then click on the contact page and get in touch or email us on hbsa.radio@hotmail.co.uk