Digital Marketing Scotland

We are delighted to introduce HBSA show sponsors DIGITAL MARKETING SCOTLAND.

Based in Kilmarnock, this innovative company have all the expertise needed to help give your online presence a boost and make sure you get noticed on the net.

Their friendly team can help with web design, to make sure your site looks it’s very best and works properly. They can also help with SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, making sure that when you get “Googled” you get found quick. And they will help navigate you around the world of paid advertisments too.

Get in touch with Digital Marketing Scotland by calling 08004045871 or click HERE to visit their comprehensive website and book a consultation.

And, of course you know that this great Ayrshire company support their local community – because they sponsor a show on HBSA Radio !

Take a listen to our great on-air jingle right here