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Building HBSA

If you have had a look in history section you may know that from the 1980s until the mid 2000s HBSA was located in Irvine. With the station near to closure in 2009, The Jingleman packed HBSA into his car and moved the whole lot to Crosshouse. Assisted by the brilliant builders and craftsmen at Crosshouse and with a “little help from our friends”, HBSA was reinvented as a new radio station. Two new studios were built and fitted out from scratch and our slideshow here takes you through that journey.

First you need a plan, right ?
Then you decide where to build.
And HBSA will be right here.
The builders get to work.
We wanted a window here
Our desks arrive.
The On-Air lights will go here.
Studio 1 is ready for some kit.
Studio 2 is ready to be fitted out.
Studio 2 kitted and fitted.
Studio 1 all ready for a DJ to get busy.
And we are On-Air in mid 2009
The Jingleman makes adjustments in 2012
We go super modern in 2015
HBSA Looking right up to date
Even Studio 2 got a remake
Studio 2, the mix of modern and old-school