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Drama On HBSA

As someone famously once said, “Now For Something Completely Different”.

For the first time ever HBSA is delighted to bring drama to the station with a series of productions specially written and recorded for radio. These comedies and dramas were supplied to us by Mr John Fryer who is also the producer and chief writer. HBSA is very grateful to John and his team for allowing us to use these productions. We hope you will enjoy this great new addition to our output and would love to hear what you think about this. The productions run each night on HBSA from 10.00pm until midnight (except Fridays) and the current schedule is as follows;-

MON at 10.00pm “Isha”  and at 11.00pm “The Tenth Rose Plant”

TUES at 10.00pm “The Female Of The Species”  and at 11.00pm “Lady MacDuff”

WEDS at 10.00pm “One Giant Leap” and at 11.00pm “Parliament Square”

THUR at 10.00pm “Playing A Part” and at 11.00pm “The Apple Of His Eye”

SAT  at 10.00pm “The Business Plan” and at 11.00pm “The Congressional Hearing”

SUN at 10.00pm “The Corridors Of Power” and at 11.00pm “After The Election”

Check back here to see when we are scheduling new productions and we hope you enjoy our slide show featuring cast members in the studio recording.