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HBSA began in the early 1970s, in these days programmes were recorded onto reel to reel tape machine and then physically taken to the hospitals to be played to the patients. These programmes were recorded in some very strange places including the back room of a barbers at one point. At this time HBSA served Ayrshire Central Hospital and Ravenspark.

At some time in the early 1980s HBSA acquired rooms at the gatehouse of ACH and began to produce live shows from there. HBSA served ACH at this point and when Crosshouse opened in 1984 a live service began using the telephone system. The service grew and became well established throughout the coming years with station receiving grants for improvement and winning awards during the 1990s.

In late 2006, with ACH earmarked for demolition, Crosshouse Hospital had the Hospedia system installed. In those days it was known as Patientline and while it provided patients with a much better bedside entertainment system it posed a major issue for HBSA. The radio station had very poor technical communications between Crosshouse and the studios at ACH in Irvine and could not provide a reliable signal suitable for the system. HBSA lost listeners and presenters and looked sure to close until AAHB offered the station the chance to move the whole operation to Crosshouse. This move went ahead in 2009 and HBSA has never looked back. The service has never been more popular or so well staffed in all of it’s long history and now operates from twin custom built studios at Crosshouse Hospital.

The station operates 24 hours per day with live broadcasting throughout the day and a recorded service overnight, HBSA is proud to serve Crosshouse and it’s maternity annex and hopes to do so for many years ahead.

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